Do I now have to lie and cover up this sin?

You do not have to lie, but neither should you be the one to share his problems. Take 30 minutes and write out some potential, hypothetical responses for different social situations. This way, you’ll be prepared if questions come up and avoid saying more than you intend to share. You may even want to practice these responses when you are alone.

Here are some samples:

  • “We are having some difficulties right now.”
  • “We have some issues to work through, so we’re separated for a while – until things are settled.”  
  • “We are seeking help as we work through some things.”
  • You can even be very vague: “It’s hard, but we’re working.”

No one has the right to pressure you to say more than you are comfortable with at the time. Listen to your friend’s responses, and if you feel comfortable you can share more, but only when you are ready. Be aware that a group dynamic is different from a personal conversation.