Key ways to address porn

resourcesPornography is in most of our pockets, a few clicks away on any device, waiting to curse and complicate the lives of God’s people. This is why Conquerors through Christ exists, seeking to help the saints Reject, Resist, and Recover from porn in order to rejoice in marital sex or the gift of singleness.

Our long-term mission is to train 1,000 Christian leaders in order to reach 200,000 people with biblical values and resources. We believe that once pastors, Christian teachers, and parents are properly equipped, they can bless the Church in exponential and generational ways.

5 Steps
I'm trapped. How do I get out? These 5 steps can help you or your loved one put porn in the past.
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The First 40 Days
Encouraging devotions to help you or someone you care about make a great start to escape porn.
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Parent Support System
Sex education is a process, not an event. Parents, we need to be talking to our children about sex.
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From Dirty to Dancing
God’s grace and hope for those who struggle, and those who love them.
Middle School
You shall not commit adultery. What does this mean to a middle schooler?
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High School Curriculum
Four video and discussion based lessons that show porn to be a shabby substitute for God’s design.
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Bought at a Price
(Bible Study)
Create priceless conversations about sin and sex that lead to confession and forgiveness.
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CtC Training Camp
Equip pastors to preach appropriately and less awkwardly about rejecting porn.
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Accountability in Christian Community
Guidance for people who desire to walk with and help the user put porn in the past.
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Together these key resources have the potential to raise up a new generation that is unafraid to address to talk about pornography in light of God’s Word.

That is why we need you. In a world where porn use has skyrocketed as a way to cope with the boredom and frustration of life, God’s people need help from their pastors, teachers, parents, and ministry leaders. When you use these resources or share them with others, you become the key links to connect CtC’s work with ministry leaders and laypeople alike who will reach God’s beloved people. It starts with CtC, then you, then ministry leaders, then the untold numbers of God’s children who will be equipped to Resist, Reject, or Recover from porn use.


If CtC Resources assist you in your efforts to Resist, Reject, or Recover from porn use, please help us continue to create them. Your gift would be a tremendous blessing to our ministry.