Preaching on Pornography

Training Camp for Pastors

CtC Training Camp

The Sunday service reaches more precious souls than Bible studies, catechism classes, and counseling sessions combined.

  • So, how does a wise pastor approach pornography from the pulpit?
  • How does he tackle the issue with the truth of the law and the grace of the gospel without unnecessarily offending listeners, including the children who have gathered for worship?
  • How can he use the message to create a church culture where “prostitutes and sinners” know they are loved in Christ and part of his cleansed and holy family?

Conquerors through Christ Chairman Mike Novotny has prepared a short video and discussion based course to equip pastors for preaching both law and gospel as it applies to pornography. The training camp is intended for small groups of pastors (circuits, larger staffs) to view and discuss. The 6-hour camp can be divided in many ways to suit various time constraints.

Pastor Novotny explains the critical need for specific preaching in today’s culture and shares ideas for overcoming the awkwardness and the temptation to be vague. He provides practical tools that will help shepherds equip their sheep to conquer through Christ. We pray this training camp will lead to many victories over Satan through the power of God’s Word and the body of Christ, his church.







Conclusion: VNDES!

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