Middle School

6th Commandment Lesson

Middle school is a crucial time of life when God’s children experience many sexual changes and temptations. Young brothers and sisters in Christ need to know what pornography is, why/how pornography “works”, how much Jesus did to save porn users, and how we can honor God with our developing sexuality. The middle school lesson is designed for youth leaders, catechism teachers, or parents.

The single lesson plan, which includes a webinar for lesson leaders, may be used in the classroom or at home and focuses on “You shall not commit adultery” with particular emphasis on pornography and its temptation. We pray it prepares young Christians to Resist short-term pleasure in order to enjoy the long-term blessings of gospel-driven self-control. Note: We use the historic commandment numbering which makes this the 6th. Some Christians know this as the 7th Commandment.

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