Parent Support System

Age-appropriate resources

The Parent Support System is a set of resources designed for four stages of development, toddlers (2-3 years old), developing children (4-5 years old), first exposure prep (5-7 years old), and post exposure (8-12 years old). This series of videos, infographics, written resources, and eBooks helps parents train up their young children in the way they should go, teaching them how God created their bodies and how to use those bodies to honor their Father in heaven. A webinar gives teachers, pastors, and ministry leaders a clear guide on how to share these resources with the parents in their spiritual communities. Start with the Introduction video for more information about the system and how to use it.

Parent Support System
Sex education is a process, not an event.


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Sex education begins early, but it shouldn’t obtrusive lest it rob a child of their innocence. CtC provides the following products for parents to begin the conversation about sex on a wise and careful footing.

(2-3 years old)

Toddlers need to know the correct names for…


(4-5 years old)

Developing Children need to begin to understand that…

Ages 5-7

(5-7 years old)

To be well-prepared for their first exposure to…

(8-12 years old)

As children develop sexual awareness and…

Supporting Materials

Parent Preparation Ebook Series

The First Word eBook

This book, adapted from a portion of the book “Warning Kids about Pornography,” summarizes the must-know steps of starting the conversation about sex with a young person.

The First Word -

Dangers of Pornography eBook

What actual damage can porn use do? This eBook summarizes the potential wreckage of porn use and will help those who are responsible for children articulate why porn is so dangerous. It paints a motivating picture for parents to lead their children in a better direction.

Considering the Dangers of Pornography-

Warning Kids eBook

It’s difficult to know what to say and when to say it, but this eBook offers great guidance. By drawing from the wisdom of experts in the field of development, this book offers practical insights, ideas, and warnings for all who have courageously chosen to have the talk the conversation about sex with children.

Warning Kids About The Dangers Of Pornography -

Correcting Kids eBook

If or when a child does fall to the temptation of pornography, this book offers parents insight into how to carefully manage the situation with the child’s health in mind. It offers practical tips and timely warnings that will help anyone working with a developing person fix their eyes on the gospel to overcome porn addiction.

Correcting Kids Who Use Pornography-

If CtC Resources assist you in your efforts to Resist, Reject, or Recover from porn use, please help us continue to create them. Your gift would be a tremendous blessing to our ministry.