Find & Seek

SeekWelcome MLC students to our virtual Flex period for Spring semester 2021.

We pray this fun and potentially profitable (hey, $20 is $20) scavenger hunt will generate serious consideration of the ministry tools Conquerors through Christ has created. You are the key to helping the next generation learn to Resist, Reject, and Recover from porn use.

We want you to become fully aware of the tools that are at your disposal. In the process, you may just find the help you or some care about needs as well. Watch as spokesperson Pastor Caleb Schultz gives you the lowdown.

Enjoy and recommend to a classmate.

Open the Scavenger Hunt in a new window by pressing the button to the right so that you can hunt around on the website and have access to the form at the same time. Press the submit button when you’ve completed the form. Do well!

We appreciate you taking the time to step away from your studies and for your support.

What drives Conquerors through Christ? Learn of the core beliefs that drive the CtC mission to help those affected by porn use.

Read the CtC Statement of Faith

If CtC Resources assist you in your efforts to Resist, Reject, or Recover from porn use, please help us continue to create them. Your gift would be a tremendous blessing to our ministry.