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Where’s Your Focus?

What does the voice in your head sound like? C’mon . . . I know you have one. It’s not about talking to yourself or about admitting to the “voices in your head,” but about the one inner voice you’ve had for as long as you can remember. It’s probably the voice you hear up […]

Love That Won’t Disappoint

Valentine’s Day was awesome. You know, back in the second grade when you had the parties at the end of the school day. When you passed out the fun Looney Tunes Valentines to all your classmates. When you got to consume loads of sugar. You remember those Valentine’s Days? They were great! And then you […]

Clean Slate

Clean Slate We have reached the point in the new year where a third of the population who set a New Year’s resolution will have broken it. This is according to various studies, so take that for what it’s worth. Personally, I have never been one to make a New Year’s Resolution. I do find […]

A Date With The Holy Spirit

A Date With The Holy Spirit Do you want someone around when you sin? Almost never, right?! It’s almost as if our conscience finds a megaphone when it knows someone is there to witness what we are doing wrong. We don’t want our conscience to hurt so much. “Calm down,” we may tell ourselves. “No […]

Don’t Let Covid-19 Become Porn’s Pandemic

Don’t Let Covid-19 Become Porn’s Pandemic Published originally April 2020 I wish the pastor’s text was wrong about porn. A colleague of mine shared some recent data about the correlation between cases of Covid and the amount of traffic on the internet’s biggest pornography site. According to the study, from late February to mid-March, traffic spiked […]

Another Miracle

Reaffirm Your Love “He now realizes what he did was wrong and is really sorry about it.” Whether these words describe someone who has hurt you or your own heart’s confession, they are an important step in dealing with sin. I am often amazed at my own heart. It is so blind. It can easily […]

5 Lessons From Colossians For Accountability Partners

5 Lessons From Colossians For Accountability Partners I invite you to open up your Bible to Colossians 2:20–3:17 and take a few minutes to meditate on Paul’s words. If you have an accountability partner or you are an accountability partner, you may want to study this section of Scripture together the next time you meet. […]