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Christmas - the Agony and the Love


Dear friend of Special Ministries and Conquerors through Christ –

This Christmas Conquerors through Christ (CTC) is asking you to join us to bring healing and recovery to Christian homes where feelings of agony and betrayal overwhelm Christian joy and love.

The Christmas story contains this painful detail: Joseph believed his beloved Mary had committed adultery. How Joseph must have felt torn between his love and the agony of betrayal! Eventually Joseph learns that Mary had not been unfaithful. Not all love stories have such a happy resolution.

Our next project will address the pain and shattered relationships caused by porn use. Porn inflicts collateral damage on spouses and fiancés, children, and parents. They have felt betrayed or torn between anger and love. They need the Spirit’s help and biblical guidance to handle this painful situation.

CtC plans to produce resources that will help loved ones process what has happened and move forward. We hope to produce effective videos, eBooks, and other materials that address the aftermath of porn use for couples who are married or dating, ministers who are guiding and advising, family members.

You can learn details about these resources by following this link to "We have a long way to go," where you can donate online. Or you can send your gift to the address below.

We need your support to produce quality resources that can be used to help and heal loved ones. Please consider giving a generous gift for this project.

May you and those you love rejoice in the peace and joy we have in Jesus, whose birth we celebrate!
Jim Behringer
Pastor Jim Behringer
Director, Commission on Special Ministries

We have a long way to go.

CtC has done unique and effective work. We’ve created a program to help people addicted to pornography use to reject it. We’ve created a system to aid parents, pastors, and teachers in leading our maturing children to resist the temptation of online porn.

Now it’s time for us to focus on those whose lives are turned upside-down by their loved-one’s porn use or addiction. We’re thinking of the spouses, the fiancés, the kids, the parents.

As we have done for the people who struggle with porn, we need to create resources for a program that will be effective and empowering for those who love them. Look at our plans and judge for yourself whether this work is something you believe needs to be done. We hope you’ll join us.

  • We’re going to create a video of a round table Q and A with real couples who have experienced this wreckage. Creating a good video like this costs around $4k.
  • We’ll do exclusive interviews with those with great stories that will encourage and inspire those whose hearts are reeling. Between shooting and editing, these videos cost about $400 each. We’ll do as many as we have compelling stories to tell.
  • We’ll write a 7-day devotional – just enough to carry someone through their first week after they find out about their loved-one’s addiction. Paying writers, editing, and making it beautiful will cost about $600.
  • We’ll create 4 eBooks (one for forgiveness, one for marriage, one for divorce, and one for dating) and an interactive workbook to give people concrete ways to process and move forward. Each of these will cost at least $450 between writing, editing, and attractive production.
  • Finally, we’ll create a “What Not to Say” info guidebook for ministers, designed to help them “triage” a marriage in crisis while avoiding the pitfalls of blame, assumptions, and fear-based counseling. This will have to be developed and field-tested and will cost around $500.
  • Beyond all this, we’ll be developing a whole new section of our website, which requires hours of designer work and coordination with the team. This will cost between $750-$1,500.
God has blessed our efforts to communicate the dangers of porn and the power of Christ and his grace. Still, we have more people to help – those struggling with the impact of their loved one’s sin.

Will you join us in our work? Your donation will have a direct impact on helping others to conquer the destructiveness of porn.

Editor's Note

As you saw, Jim Behringer is the administrator for WELS Special Ministries, of which we are a ministry. That means that CtC is (in part) funded by our synod. However, the excellence and volume of CtC resources that you have come to know from us are only possible because of the donations of people like you. We know that, for many, this is a time of financial uncertainty, and so we understand if you cannot support our ambitious goals at this time. But if you are able, you will be the reason behind the relief and direction that CtC can offer to people picking up the pieces of sexual sin. Merry Christmas!
Lord Jesus,

As so many feel the pain of relationships that have been broken by sexual sin especially during this season, we ask that you would come with your powerful words of truth. Speak to our hearts, comfort our sorrows, take away our guilt. Show us the family that is called "Holy" simply because you were part of it, and in the similar way, enter into the lives of our families to sanctify them by your truth.

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