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JUNE 2023

Share your story


How did we get the book of Jonah? At the very least, we have it because Jonah shared his story. Whether he wrote it himself or opened up to someone else, we know about his thoughts from inside the belly of the fish and from his embarrassing nap under the vine because he shared his story.

How did we receive the account of Mark running away naked from the arrest of Jesus, or the fact that Jesus looked directly at Peter as Peter denied Jesus the third time, or that John and Peter didn’t believe Jesus had risen as they looked into his empty grave, even though he specifically said he would rise multiple times? They shared their story.

How do we know David was lusting after Bathsheba from the roof? How do we know how God converted Paul from a life of Christian persecution to a life of Christian evangelism? How did we know how Adam got us into sin in the first place? Or how Noah got blackout drunk after the Flood? They each shared their story.

Do you know how the Conquerors through Christ team began? A couple folks started sharing their story. Do you know how the Conquerors through Christ team continues to grow? People sharing their story.

In fact, the very reason you are reading these words right now is that multiple people have bravely shared their story of sin and God’s amazing grace and those stories have inspired others.

Would you share yours?

If you’re willing to share, your story can be a blessing to many others too. Right now, Conquerors through Christ is building a set of resources to help those who have been hurt by someone else’s porngraphy use, and we want to use real stories to help build context, honesty, and hope for those who are hurting.

No matter your story, if you’ve found God’s grace in the midst of it, we want to hear it.
Significant other’s porn use led to your divorce? We want to hear it.
Worked through a significant other’s porn use with them and stayed together? Tell us.
Found your child watching porn and worked through the aftermath? We’re all ears.
Still going through something with someone you love? Yes, that too.

Ideally, we’d love for these stories to NOT be anonymous. Your willingness to own your story helps others see that real people have gone through what they’re currently experiencing. However, we understand if you want to remain anonymous. Your story will still be appreciated and used.

Look, maybe you’re thinking, “That sounds like a great idea, but I could never….” or “I’m glad they’re doing that, but they don’t want my story.” I understand…sharing your story can be daunting. But God made you who you are not just by knitting you together in your mother’s womb, but by also using the events of your life in order that you can be a blessing to others. This is a way for you, like David, Adam, Peter, Paul, and Jonah, to bless others with your story.

If you’d like share your story, reach out to us at Our Contact Page and check “I would like to explore volunteer opportunities.” We’ll work with you from there.

And even if you don’t share your story, you can know that Jesus knows your story, and he will continue to bless you and others in the midst of it and through it. Thank you from your friends at CtC.
Caleb Schultz
Caleb Schultz serves as a pastor in the Toronto area of Canada, and is the content editor for Conquerors through Christ.


We still need donors to step up and fund the production of our “Recover” suite of products. Would you be part of the team that helps those who have been hurt by someone else' pornography use? Visit our Donate Page to help out! Thanks!


Accountability in Christian community
Rejecting porn takes help both from God and from fellow Christians. But how do you help? What do you confess and how often? How do you respond to a confession? This resource helps accountability partners and small groups embrace the power of honesty, prioritize gospel responses, and create Christian environments filled with grace and truth.
Take my life and let it be consecrated, Lord, to thee. Take my lips and let them be filled with messages from thee. You knew my days before they came to be. Now guide me on the path to become a blessing to those who need me.


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